If you’re searching for your next statement ring, look no further!

The German-Swiss luxury jewellery label Vieri has teamed up with acclaimed Italian sculptor and photographer, Monica Bonvicini to create a full collection of one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces. The artist’s relationship between power and gender are evidently reflected in each piece of this collection, translated into inimitable and exceptional statement design. Exclusively made with ethically sourced gold, Bonvicini added her touch of humour to the pieces from the featured grenades alongside the sapphires in the long chain necklaces, to the satirical play on watch-fetishism in the bracelets. Luxury here is redefined, by purposely moving away from shiny gold to sexy black, with blackened white and pink sets with striking white, brown and black diamonds, as well as sparkling emeralds and deep blue sapphire. Their minimalist yet hard and sturdy look was tailored to suit today’s strong and inventive woman, bringing a punch of beauty and sophistication.


The full collection features 13 styles in total. Among these are three pieces, which the artist herself selected as the limited edition ‘Artist Editions’. The ‘Artist Editions’ are limited to 5 editions, all of which are signed and numbered by Monica Bonvicini.

We think this idea is gold! Are you sold?

Photos: by Vieri