Kathrin Koehler  | Munich


► 1.   Describe your gallery in one sentence for an art world newbie.
IMMAGIS stands for an excellent selection of modern fine art photography – from leading international photographers and promising young newcomers – as limited editions of uncompromising high quality.


► 2. Most gorgeous artist in your gallery program?
Every artist is gorgeous in his own way.


► 3. Whom would you love to sell an artwork to?
Elton John.


► 4. What drinks are you serving at an exhibition opening?
Wine, Prosecco, water.


► 5. The coolest event you ever hosted?
Every event was very special seen individually.


► 6.  What is the dress code for the staff?
There’s no dresscode.


► 7. What are the most hated/loved jobs of your interns?
database maintenance/preparing exhibitions and openings.


► 8.  Does hot staff help selling better?
I think you have to ask our clients…


► 9.  Most used apps or websites used daily by the gallery?
facebook, instagram, twitter,


► 10.  Compare the gallery to a brand – which one would it be?
To be honest…I don’t know…


► 11. Send us one image (can be anything from your prettiest staff to an artwork you want to sell).


► 12. How many works did you sell via an instagram post?


► 13. Best lunch spot for a client meeting?
l’Atelier Art & Vin in Munich.


Kathrin Koehler|www.immagis.de

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Photos via: Kathrin Koehler