► 1. Describe your gallery in one sentence for an art world newbie.

Its a family affair.


► 2. Most gorgeous artist in your gallery program?

Rodrigo Matheus.


► 3. Whom would you love to sell an artwork to?

Yuri Gagarin.


► 4. What drinks are you serving at an exhibition opening? 

Any Mexican beer that is currently on sale at Smart & Final.


► 5. The coolest event you ever hosted?

The VIP Inauguration dinner of our new Los Angeles gallery.


► 6.  What is the dress code for the staff? 



► 7. What are the most hated/loved jobs of your interns?

Hated: that they all have to where an ‘intern’ uniform. Loved: sharpening my swords.


► 8.  Does hot staff help selling better? 



► 9.  Most used apps or websites used daily by the gallery? 



► 10.  Compare the gallery to a brand – which one would it be?

Chiquita bananas, businesses with a bend.


► 11. Send us one image (can be anything from your prettiest staff to an artwork you want to sell)



► 12. How many works did you sell via an instagram post?

Lost count long time ago.


► 13. Best lunch spot for a client meeting?

At our new Los Angeles gallery kitchen cooked by yours truly.


Ibid Gallery www.ibidgallery.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/ibidgallery

Facebook: www.facebook.com/ibidgallery

Photos by: Deborah Farnault 
Artworks pictured: David Adamo and Eugene von Bruenchenhein
Courtesy: Ibid Gallery