For the art jet-set who have just arrived back from Venice Biennale festivities, here’s the low-down on what happened while you were away.

#1 Two 22 year olds pulled a Marcel Duchamp in an art gallery
Two students left a pineapple they bought at a supermarket, on a white table in an art gallery. As the pair returned to the exhibition, they were surprised to find the fruit enclosed in a glass case – thus becoming a work of art.

#2 Johnny Depp has deep pockets when it comes to art
The actor’s art collecting budget has come to light after a lawsuit involving himself and his former business advisors has emerged. And it is no small sum. Our beloved Jack Sparrow actor spends millions when it comes to art. His collection includes popular favourites such as Andy Warhol, Amadeo Modigliani, and Leonor Fini.

#3 Bejewelled fishnet tights set to be new art fair fashion craze
Lirika Matoshi-fishnet tights_theartgorgeous
Ever thought your legs needed a little more sparkle? Well, NY-based artist Lirika Matoshi creates incredibly detailed works of art using fishnet tights as her base, and embellishes them with glass stones, beads, and fake flowers.
Lirika Matoshi-fishnet tights 2_theartgorgeous

#4 Giant inflatable ballerina takes over Rockerfeller Center, NY
Seated ballerina_theartgorgeous

Jeff Koons recently unveiled a gigantic 45-foot tall public art installation of an inflatable ballerina, titled “Seated Ballerina”. This piece is the third installation by Koons to be presented at New York’s Rockerfeller Center.

#5 Frida Kahlo as a teen

Frida Kahlo in her teens 1_theartgorgeous
Photos from the 1920s of Mexican painter Frida Kahlo have surfaced online featuring the artist in formal sittings, with friends and family, and with her husband Rivera. Born in 1907, these pictures show a Frida Kahlo between the ages of 13 to 23.
Frida Kahlo in her teens 3_theartgorgeous

Frida Kahlo in her teens 2_theartgorgeous

Photos via: Dazed Digital; Vulture.com; BoredPanda.com; ; dazeddigital.com