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Most men are not particularly into breastfeeding, but we know for sure one, who is: photographer Vincent Ferrané. From a father-photographer perspective, he even dedicated a whole book to it – “Milky Way”. The same named series of photographs documents in a diary-like narrative his wife nursing their child and end with the last day of breastfeeding. “I tried to show in this series how breastfeeding appears as a pulse that gradually takes its part in the other cycles of life — such as those of nature, the seasons, and of days and nights,” Vincent explained in an interview.
01Milky Way_theartgorgeous
Obviously it’s not a technical focus on the process itself but tenderly visualises the moods and atmosphere – from a dad’s perspective.
“Milky Way is a reference to a Greek myth: it’s the story of milk, produced from the breast of the goddess Era, which is then used to create the milky way in the sky. It also literally refers to the experience you go through while breastfeeding during the first months of a baby’s life. The whole series assumes this balance between everyday reality, poetic symbols and myths.”
When asked about how he deals with such a personal subject matter, Vincent explains that apart from commercial fashion shots, for him taking pictures of people and moments he loves, is the most important aspect of his profession.
The book “Milky Way” was just released and is available via Libraryman
Milky Way_theartgorgeous

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