Merry ho ho, TAGers! Christmas has come and gone; and so has my hangover from 24th. However, the weight gained from inhaling a significant amount of mince pies and turkey still sit comfortably on my thighs. Regardless, it’s still a time to celebrate with the New Year rolling in soon, so that we can finally say goodbye to this dreadful year 2016!

Before you plan your next wild night out, catch up with what happened last week while you were sleeping off your Christmas dinner.

#1  Fondazione Prada Opens New Photography Space in Milan

The esteemed Fondazione Prada opened a new space last week, called Osservatorio, which will be dedicated to photography. The foundation’s inaugural exhibition “Give Me Yesterday” showcased 14 international artists focusing on the use of photography as a diary.


#2  Anish Kapoor Can’t Have “the Most Glittery Glitter” Either


The war between Kapoor and artist Stuart Semple, the man who banned him from using the “pinkest pink” pigment, continues. Semple has created “Diamond Dust” billed as the world’s sparkliest glitter and won’t let the Bombay-born artist have it. Naturally, what ensued was a retaliation from Kapoor instagramming his middle finger coated in the pinkest pink paint, with the jar in the background. The post was appropriately captioned: “Up Yours”. Ouch.


#3  James Franco’s “Silly” Paintings Featured In New Movie


Franco’s latest Hollywood film, “Why Him”, will feature a few of the actor-turned artist’s paintings or replicas of his sold artworks. The actor further revealed that he personally designed much of the body art that adorns his character in the movie.


#4  Celebrities Show Us The Best Way to Celebrate Christmas


A new trend has spread through Instagram this season. The “tree selfie” has become an Instagram sensation. Celebs have been posing in front of their opulent and twinkling Christmas trees, wearing fashion statement pieces or matching clothing. Bless the life of the rich and famous!

#5  A New Shoe Trend Arising?


Attention ankles, disco platform shoes seemed to be making a comeback. This is partly due to 2016 fashion runways, featuring extremely tall shoes, notably March Jacobs’s seven-inch high boots from Fall 2016. Who knows, the accessory could give us a little boost of self-esteem and spirit for the year ahead.

Photos via: Designboom; The Creators Project;@dirty_corner; artnet; peresprojects.com; @krisjenner and @mariahcarey; Vogue