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EYTYS Makes a Splash at Mallorca

Kristin-Lee Moolman and Ib Kamara are making a special splash this spring, after shooting editorials for Dazed, Vogue or King Kong and collaborating with brands like Oath Studio.........

Gorgeous Goods • April 28, 2017

Carol Bove’s NYC History Inspired Chandeliers

Carol Bove is known for her assemblages that combine found and made elements. Incorporating a wide range of domestic, industrial, and natural objects, her sculptures, paintings, and prints reveal the poetry of their materials....

Gorgeous Goods • April 26, 2017

GRANA Wraps in Art

Hong Kong-based direct-to-consumer eCommerce brand GRANA, is best known for its modern essentials using the world’s finest fabrics has recently......

Gorgeous Goods • March 30, 2017

COS Goes Guggenheim

Agnes Martin's subtle color palette and minimalistic approach goes in COS's latest artist's show at Guggenheim Museum in New York!...

Gorgeous Goods • September 23, 2016