Anouska Beckwith’s Social Diary ☀


At the beginning of the month my good friend and art curator Nina Salamova took me as a treat to the Palais Garnier to see the new Mariinsky Ballet which Karl Lagerfeld had created the costumes for. It was very special to sit under Chagall’s ceiling whilst watching the ballet and it made me think of my lovely grandmother who used to take my mother and I every year as it was one of her favorite things in life.


✦ A few weeks ago I travelled back to England to take part in a healing retreat in Norfolk. It was a very magical moment in time as it was over Halloween and instead of dressing up in extravagant costumes we took part in healing ceremonies for the earth; to give thanks and gratitude to our ancestor’s spirits. One of the main points of focus for our prayers were for the people at Standing Rock who are currently undergoing extreme adversity by the oil corporations in America and the government who seem hellbent on destroying what is left of our planet for a greed that seems unending. It seems unjustified that these incredible people who have joined together for the first time in history are being violated by brutal force on private land to protect something so simple and basic yet vital for our survival as water. I feel that we all need to awaken to see them not as protesters but as protectors of our beautiful world.

anouska_beckwith_anika_nixdorf_theartgorgeous✦ Over the weekend I saw my friend and fellow artist Anika Nixdorf who I have previously done a collaboration with musician Flo Morrissey entitled ‘Ceremony’ ; over the weekend was selling her mesmerizing art works. 


For Anika there is a real importance in feeling the connection between herself and the rest of the world, with her family, those that she loves and the abundance of the natural world. When that connection is alive, that is when she sees the colours and shapes that are the tapestry of life. In this connection she love mountains, rivers and forests. The effortless fluidity and movement in things such as flowing water, or undulating clouds excite her and she tries  to use that movement in her drawing, especially when using ink.  It feels like play. Which is in essence how she likes to work. Playing with feeling and flow. So when she works it becomes an exploration,  slowly the pieces slot together.  When she stops she sometimes gets the sense that there is power in what she has created. To create something that might  touch the people it comes in contact with.  She has recently just created the album art ‘Familia’ for the wonderful English musician Nick Barbachano who’s sacred songs speak of the world being in harmony and brings awareness to the listener through his sensitive lyrics and melodies. It was amazing to see Nick play over the week alongside musicians Danit Treubig and Jonas Winter. 



✦ Before I left for Paris I went to visit Serena Morton and David Hill at Serena Morton’s gallery in Notting Hill, to see the new exhibition she had just curated for Damian Elwes of all different artist’s studios around the world. David was also kind enough to show me Dan Nathan’s awe inspiring nature images. Both shows are definitely a must see!



✦ Once I got back to Paris I was thrilled to see my friend Luna Aguera an amazing artist, poet and healer from Mexico who has recently just had a beautiful baby boy Alion with the musician and actor Adan Jodorowsky. We met for lunch in the Marais with our Chilean friend artist Cosmo Gonik. Adan was telling us about his new album that he is currently working on which will be released next year as well as Luna’s film about female ceremony with the moon that she has just directed in Mexico and Adan has done the music score for. 


by Anouska Beckwith
December 14, 2016