Known for extensive, space-filling works Tobias Rehberger has now committed himself to some smaller artworks. For the collaboration with GEMS AND LADDERS he designed three rings, entitled YES, NO, MAYBE. His source of inspiration for this exclusive jewellery collection was a ring missing its gemstone: “Where the stone had been, a piece of skin was now visible, making the ring much more personal in my eyes.” Rehberger explains his ulterior motive. He worked with three classic ring settings made of gold, silver or bronze. Every ring is coated in a layer of paint, only by wearing them, the precious metals underneath will appear and show the high value of the rings.

The rings come in three different forms and colors (purple, yellow, turquoise) reminiscent to pop-art sculptures or small children’s building blocks.

You can choose between YES, NO and MAYBE, these three words are engraved on the inside of the rings – Rehbergers intention was to make a piece of jewellery that reflects on what it can mean to someone to wear jewellery. We would definitely should choose YES!

photos via Tobias Rehberger