Rooted in the graffiti scene, Berlin-based artist duo Zebu knows how to cheer people up with their highly energetic illustrations, characterised by a bright and clever use of colour.

illustrators Zebu_theartgorgeous

The duo loves to work on murals, spanning entire walls – and malls. Like their upcoming holiday campaign for BIKINI Berlin, for example, the smartly curated concept mall where Berlin’s creative scene comes to discover, shop and dine.
BIKINI and Zebu both share a boundless originality and love to surprise with creative campaigns. After recently setting up a mini-exhibition in a Berlin subway station, the artist duo has now created a whole new Christmas experience for shoppers of Bikini Berlin, including customised wrapping paper designs and what is probably the city’s most beautiful gift packing station – without any of the usual Christmas clichés in sight!

01illustrators Zebu_theartgorgeous

In Zebu’s geometrical signature style, the wrapping paper designs feature cheeky monkeys and penguins, either sipping a cup of tea, balancing giftboxes on each other’s backs or ice skating. One look at these images and you’ll feel calm and far away from all the Christmas hustle and bustle.

02illustrators Zebu_theartgorgeous

The only problem is that any gifts wrapped in this paper will look too good to open! To make the whole gift-wrap experience last longer, why not take a sheet home for yourself or pose for the perfect Christmas selfie in front of the cool festive background?

03illustrators Zebu_theartgorgeous

photos via bikiniberlin.de