Well, first of all Cafe Sachers Original Sacher-Torte (engl: ˈsäkərˌtôrt) is a piece of art and anyone who had the pleasure of earting a piece in Vienna’s most charming and traditional coffee house will agree straight away.


But also this year, for the ninth time, Sacher teamed up with one of the leading Austrian artists, Heimo Zobernig, to release 555 limited edition cake boxes that are created according to his geometric signature style.

Previous editions were released with big names such as Erwin Wurm, Xenia Hausner or Hermann Nitsch while the profit is used to support charitable organisations.

Make sure to grab your box at Cafe Sacher as long as there is stock left and indulge in chocolate heaven. Don’t even start thinking about the calories, anyway you need to pamper yourself well just in-between the kilometres you run around at one of the upcoming art fairs and luckily also mother’s days is nearly there.

Photo via: sacher.com; inspiredcitizen.com