How to Deconstruct Perfection
Artist, Spain, Javier Martin

Born and raised in Spain, Javier Martin is a multidisciplinary artist who has travelled, lived and worked in various countries, from Europe, South Korea, Hong Kong, to the United States. For over a decade, he has been developing his most iconic series of artworks, “Blindness”. In this series, with painting and collage, he reproduces images of seemingly perfect models, symbols of a standard of beauty that most people desire. However, the eyes of these beauties are always concealed, whether behind a vibrant stroke of paint or a glowing neon light. The artist deconstructs the perceived perfection to create a contrast between technology, collage, and painting. With the art week in Miami kicking off this weekend, you may bump into this currently Miami-based artist or his various artworks or installations around the city. Now recognize those neon-light-concealed eyes in his art, as well as the artist’s own bright eyes.

03Javier Martin_theartgorgeous
My signature outfit is… A simple, comfy tee-shirt, worn-in jeans, good sneakers.

The best style advice I was ever given… Less is more.

I would never wear… Clothing with obvious graphic messages, brand logos, etc.

02Javier Martin_theartgorgeous
Number of unanswered mails in your account today…
No more than 3 in my official email but well over 1000 in my Gmail account.

My favourite travel device is… my notebook, where I write down all of my ideas and travel memories.

On a plane I normally spend my time… thinking and reflecting, or watching movies.

Top 3 songs on my headphone…It’s always changing, but at the moment I’m listening to Moses Sumney – Worth It, Ibeyi – River, and Childish Gambino – Red Bone.

04Javier Martin_theartgorgeous
In the gym I…
I prefer running on the beach or doing something outside.

What’s on for dinner…leftover truffle pizza.

My necessary extravagance is…travelling.

In the art world currently I find most exciting that… How advancements in technology and innovations provide new platforms and opportunities to share my art and connect with others. Art will always be something to experience in reality, but now technology offers opportunities to experience art in new ways, while also making the art world more accessible.

05Javier Martin_theartgorgeous
If I could host a party for anyone it would be…
Ai Weiwei and Maurizio Cattelan.

My daily art read is…Josef Albers’s Interaction of Color at the moment.

In my bedroom I have artworks by…Julien Opie, a small composition of his work.

Javier Martin_1
The most arty city is…
New York City.

My favourite art-world ladies are… Marina Abramovic and Tracey Emin.

Where to see his art in Miami:

  • Blindness Alma | A Room Without Walls | An installation presented by Valli Art Gallery, December 6th to December 9th.
  • RAW presented by the Young Artist Initiative: Javier will present a new installation Blindness The Dark Box at RAW, an immersive multi-sensory pop-up from December 6th to December 9th presented by the Young Artist Initiative at the Historic Post Office Building
  • Art Miami with South Korea-based Paik Hae Young Gallery, December 5th -10th | Booth A500

01Javier Martin_theartgorgeous

Instagram: @javiermartinart

Images from Javier Martin