Ahhh, this tiny crown – we just love it! And so we’re also loving the 18-piece capsule collection by Browns inspired by the works of contemporary artist Jean-Michel Basquiat. Unfortunately for men only; but well we all know about the roots of boyfriend jeans.
Launched just very recently to coincide with the first major UK retrospective of the Haitian-American creative at London’s Barbican, each piece of the project was created in collaboration with New York-based streetwear brand Rome Pays Off, that takes its name from one of Basquiat’s paintings from 1982.

We started already to select our favourites and be assured that there is plenty to pick from: denim jacket with excerpt of his personal notebook, sweaters, sneakers and even a skateboard with the artist’s signature Mona Lisa.
This is no superficial mash-up for art and fashion, but actually based on a pretty deep research into the world of the most iconic contemporaries, the American graffiti scene of the late 1970’s and beyond.

photos vis  browns