Sheila Morovati – Queen of Crayons 
Founder of the Crayon Collection, Los Angeles

If art girls do it better, then art moms can do even more!
After becoming a parent, Sheila Morovati was inspired to create a change in our society by founding the Crayon Collection. Focused on providing schools in need with art supplies, while also teaching children the benefits of recycling and reusing instead of disposing with the very relatable crayon. The Crayon Collection is now expanding internationally with the help of other art girls.
Here is what happened when Viola Raikhel-Bolot (Founder and MD of 1858 Ltd Art Advisory) caught up with Sheila Morovati (Founder of the Crayon Collection) in their home town of Beverly Hills earlier this Summer.

TheArtGorgeous does Philanthropy_Viola Raikhel-Bolot interviews Crayon Collection Founder, Sheila Morovati 3

How many Title 1 schools have received crayons from Crayon Collection to date?
We have served over 1,000 Title 1 schools to date.

What has been the most gratifying experience since establishing CC?
That people are inspired by my idea and are actually starting their own Crayon Collections in their own neighbourhoods around the world.

What is the greatest challenge facing Crayon Collection?
Keeping up with the demand . We have restaurant chains with over 1,800 locations that would like us to pair each of their locations with a nearby school. We simply don’t have the manpower to manage that large of a chain yet but we are managing it by doing a state by state roll out instead.

I love Crayon Collection’s simple and clear mission. How can TheArtGorgeous readers get involved?
It’s really about looking around and seeing how many of our daily actions (such as leaving crayons behind) contribute to a woldwide problem of wastefulness. If you have access to crayons we recommend you start a Crayon Collection of your own (crayoncollection.org/howto) and if not consider reducing waste i.e. ordering a drink without a straw.

What’s next on the horizon for Crayon Collection? Any exciting new projects in the works?
We are working with local artists on creating interesting projects for kids to do with the crayons. We are always looking for new artists who are willing to share a project idea with classrooms around the world. It needs to be easy and inexpensive. We love bringing the art supply and the opportunity for deeper learning with this would be trashed crayon.

TheArtGorgeous does Philanthropy_Viola Raikhel-Bolot interviews Crayon Collection Founder, Sheila Morovati 2

Your ideal working outfit looks like…
Blue Jeans, a crisp white tee shirt and a black blazer. Shoes would be flats and for a pop of color I love wearing bright handbags.

Heels or sneakers… Which brand or style…
Sneakers for sure – Prada.

The last thing you bought and loved was…
A photograph from a street artist in Lisbon, Portugal.

Most ridiculous thing you ever bought…
A set of antique golf clubs.

Your favorite art-related blog/app is…
Jerry Saltz.

Your ultimate beauty secret after long working hours…
Red lipstick!

Your necessary extravagance is…
Spending a few days in the desert each month to decompress from the Los Angeles city life.

In the art world currently you find most exciting that…
Latin American art is coming to the United States in such a strong way.

TheArtGorgeous does Philanthropy_Viola Raikhel-Bolot interviews Crayon Collection Founder, Sheila Morovati

Things/products you always need to have in my bag…
BeautyCounter lip gloss.

Your favorite merge of the art- and fashion world…
Everyday people expressing themselves through their clothes. I think it’s the most unseen form of artistic expression but it really is such an opportunity of self expression and creativity (or not).

Your most admired art world influencer…
Honor Fraser.

Art makes you…
Have a total body experience. It’s actually a physical feeling I have when I see something I love.

Your next art trip/travel will be…
Frieze Art Fair.

The most arty city is…
Mexico City.

The perfect art-world mentor would be…
Someone who takes the time to show you the nuances in each piece. That it’s not only great because everyone says so but that there are specific reasons for it.

Artist(s) we should have on our watchlist is/are…
Annie Lapin, Eduardo Basualdo, Glenn Kaino.


Instagram: @crayoncollection

Website: www.crayoncollection.org