Meet the Art and Fashion Worlds Most Famous Blow up Doll
Artist/ Designer, London

When Pandemonia flocks around art openings and social events of the glittering fashion scene it’s like Pop icon Roy Lichtenstein’s blonde caricatures came to live. Seated in the front row of major shows at London Fashion week and strolling over Art Basel and other major art events, Pandemonia is an art and fashion world mystery.

Dressed all in latex couture, wearing a doll mask over her face, and sometimes in the company of a white blow up dog, “Snowy”: The creation and alter-ego of a British artist (who also sculpts also all of her own outfits), Pandemonia is a person who conceals identity. But the celebrated front-row celebrity and artist took time to talk to us about the never go wrong DVF-style wrap dress and anonymous living she precious so much..


My ideal working outfit looks like…
For me, work starts as soon as I step out the front door. Of course, you can never go wrong with the classic DVF-style wrap dress.

Heels or sneakers. Which brand or style…
Being undercover, I do ‘sneak’ about, but I always do it in heals. Melissa wedges are a post-pop go to.

My favorite art-related blog app is….
I am biased, but @Pandemonia99 on Instagram. Its art meets fashion, with a good dose of Pandemonia.

The last thing I bought and loved was…
The Botticelli Reimagined catalogue from V&A museum London. Its amazing how often his image of Venus has been reused and referenced for the last five hundred years.


The most ridiculous thing I ever bought is…
Sun block… in the end, a totally unnecessary extravagance.

My necessary extravagance is..
Its strange, but I’d say its my anonymity. After studying celebrity so closely, I can safely say that anonymous living is the most luxurious way to go.

Three things Products I always need to have in my bag…
Cell phone, selfie stick, and bicycle pump.

My Ultimate beauty secret after long working hours…
In my case, it feels wonderful to lose my head. A spot of bubbly does wonders as well.

Ed Katz_Hong Kong Street Market_TheArtGorgeous

My favorite merge of the art- fashion world…

My most admired art world influencer…
Bruce McLean. One of the pioneering British conceptual artists. I have always admired his talent and enjoyed his sense of humor.

In the art world currently I find more exciting that…
How social media is allowing us to define our own art and culture. The very language, production and distribution of art has changed so drastically. The new iconography has created fertile ground for post-pop artists.

Art makes me…
Open my eyes.

Lakita Chan_Sofa_TheArtGorgeous

My next art trip/ travel will be…
I just returned from Art Basel Switzerland, and heading next to the Biennale.

The most arty city is….
Still, its New York.

The perfect art world mentor would be…
Michael Craig Martin. He has a proven track record.

Artists we should have on our watch list is/ are…
I met Angela del la Cruz the other day. Her work with canvas is tremendous. I do like the american Mark Hogancamp as well – he has a fantastic eye.


Since 2007, how has the “Cult of Celebrity ” Changed?
Originally, celebrities inhabited the expensive analog airwaves. They were film and pop stars. Reality television began the “democratization”, where it seemed anyone could be a celeb. What fascinates me about living in the Youtube and Instagram generation, is the unprecedented agency we are granted. Here is a chance, truly, to create our own realities. I hope we use it wisely! It will be difficult though, since celebrity and product placement are completely intertwined. In an interactive world, we can unwittingly become the advert.

What’s next on the Horizon?
It has been a busy year with endorsements and appearances, so hopefully more of the same. Behind the scenes, I have been designing my own accessory collection which I hope to reveal next year.


Photos by Pandemonia

Personal page: www.pandemoniapanacea.com

Instagram: @Pandemonia99