After teaming up with Master Takashi Murakami (who was commissioned from nearly everything under the moon – ranging from Mentos to Louis Vuitton), Shu Uemura’s most recent announcement makes our hearts race fast: For its 2017 holiday collection, the Japanese beauty brand taps the iconic Gameboy hero – Super Mario.
Some of you still might remember the artist Cory Arcangel’s “Super Mario Clouds” installation, a digital artwork that stripped the original Super Mario Bros. video game of everything but the background and clouds.
But back to Shu Uemura: Inspired by the beloved Nintendo game, the exclusive collection features a variety of products including lipsticks (our favourite), an character embossed eyeshadow palette, a travel beauty suitcase and more.

And even though this collab does’t awake your teenage vibes . you don’t have to be a game freak to fall in love with this line-up. One little thing that will make you inhale deeply: you need to keep your feet still until Nov 1…
Train your brain: Did you know that the Italian plumber Mario appeared for the first time in 1981 as a character in the game Donkey Kong, created by the famous Japanese game developer Shigeru Miyamoto. Two years later, Mario got his own game.

Images via Shu Uemura