Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the most like Mona Lisa of them all? By now, most of us know about the Google Arts & Culture app, which recently was updated to include a selfie function—you take a selfie, which is then matched to a famous painting in the app’s database. The app calls out your art museum doppelgänger and its easy to have fun with it. Comedian Sarah Silverman got matched with a modern painting from the Barjeel Art Foundation, while Kristen Bell got compared to an old bureaucrat from the Royal College of Music. Actress Amanda Seyfried gets compared to a painting of a child from the Art Gallery of New South Wales, while the singer Josh Groban was compared to a woman’s portrait in the national museum of art in Argentina (“I’m not mad at it,” he says of the app). It’s best to take things lightly.

It does feel like summer today

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I’m not mad at it

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Guys, this app is DEAD ON.

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Text by Nadja Sayej
Photots by instagram