You heard that right, the Ritz hotel in Paris is having a massive sale—they’re selling over 10,000 pieces of furniture and decorative objects in a big ass house cleaning. While the hotel was first founded in 1898, its first bathtub will go on sale at this auction (expected to garner up to €1,200), which kicks off April 17. Also on sale are the sofas from Salon Proust, pillows and furniture from the hotel’s luxurious Imperial Suite, service buzzers that call on waiters and valet parking, as well as vintage towels and velvet bar stools. The real gem is the art—going on sale will be one illustration of a garden party from the 1920s—which personifies Parisian glamor at its best. Don’t miss the items from the Coco Chanel suite, designed by the woman herself.



Text by Nadja Sayej
photos via theguardian.com