What would Instagram be without those hilarious images of adorable pets, from a chilling hedgehog in a bathtub to a cat typing wildly on her laptop. No matter which industry we are working in, we can`t help, but fall for those furry influencers.
While digging the `grams the other day, we matched some furry friends with art world celebrities and had lot`s of fun doing so.

Richard Prince

Richard Prince


Francis Bacon


Alex Israel_theartgorgeous

Alex Israel


Yayoi Kusama_theartgorgeous

Yayoi Kusama


Takashi Murakami2_theartgorgeous copy

Takashi Murakami


Peggy Guggenheim_theartgorgeous

Peggy Guggenheim


Gucci Ghost_theartgorgeous

Gucci Ghost


Gilbert & George_theartgorgeous

Gilbert & George


Frida Kahlo_theartgorgeous

Frida Kahlo


Damien Hirst

Images via instagramPinterest, beyaztarih.com, pleasekillme.com, fact.co.uk, hollywoodreporter.com, the-talks.com, blouinartinfo.com, artsy.net; www.instagram.com/spicedogsss/