The excitement about Virgil Abloh’s c/o Off White`s 2017 fall/winter collection started before any piece of the collection got actually unveiled on the catwalk. Purely its name“Nothing New,” caused a stir and lead many to believe it was the creative director`s well-chosen response to Raf Simons’ comments on him.


“He’s a sweet guy. I like him a lot actually. But I’m inspired by people who bring something that I think has not been seen, that is original. It’s not always about being new-new because who is new-new?”
And yes: There’s nothing groundbreaking about a black leather tote, over knees or heavy leather boots, but the designer aims to change how we see them — the boot is “FOR WALKING” and the bag is instead a “SCULPTURE.”

Abloh credits Marcel Duchamp, the artist who “shifted the forms of art from physical craft to intellectual interpretation” by labelling an ordinary urinal as a “Fountain”.

Images via: Footwearnews, Off White, Pinterest, Hypebeast