Happy Monday, TAGers! For those who can’t wait until the next long weekend, do a little “window shopping” online as Dolce & Gabbana have released a new line of products, bakers will go mad for. If that doesn’t tickle your interest, head over to Tate Modern if you’re looking for a little adventure – your visit can turn into a voyeuristic experience. Read why below along with other juicy news of the week!

#1 Dolce & Gabbana launch line of kitchen appliances


Attention cooks and bakers! Dolce & Gabbana recently released a line of colourful appliances to add a little “omph” to your kitchen! The collection, titled “Sicily is My Love”, is an ode to Southern Italy as each product is decorated with warm bright yellow and blue colours along with symbolic images and patterns of Sicily folklore such as lemons, prickly pears, and acanthus leaves. From kettles to mixers and toasters, it’s time to go baking mad!



#2 Hauser & Wirth’s new exhibit will give you jewellery envy

hauser-and-wirth-wearable-art 1_theartgorgeous

This April, Hauser & Wirth’s new show in New York will make you rethink your entire jewellery collection. Their new exhibition titled “Portable Art: A Project by Celia Forner”, presents wearable art, featuring beautiful art objects in the form of arm cuffs, gargantuan-sized necklaces and more by notable popular artists like Louise Bourgeois, John Baldessari, Paul McCarthy, Bharti Kher.



#3 Frida Kahlo’s unique wardrobe revealed after 50 years!

03-4hidden-frida-kahlo-wardrobe-ishiuchi-miyako-3_theartgorgeous-680x1024 copy

Our favourite Mexican painter, Frida Kahlo, did not only leave her mark in this world with her oneiric paintings. After 50 years, Kahlo’s wardrobe has been unlocked, revealing 300 clothes and accessories. Check out her unique style below, immortalized by Japanese photographer Ishiuchi Miyako.



#4 What’s the deal with Gucci and Aliens? 


Gucci has been releasing strange ad campaigns on their Instagram account involving models painted in green or wearing alien masks – basically a stylish episode of Star Trek. So our question is: what are Gucci’s plans with these extraterrestrials?



#5 Tate Modern: a Peeping Tom? 

Tate Modern-Peeping Tom_theartgorgeous

Apparently, visiting Tate Modern can turn you into a little voyeur. Why? Turns out, the museum’s neighbours, located right next door, have called out on Tate’s visitors for peeping through their luxe apartments. Whoops! Guess naked Thursdays are cancelled…


Photos via: Elle.com; Artnet; Boredpanda.com; Gucci’s Instagram; Artnet