As promised to his fan crowd, Takashi Murakami unveiled his latest creation of sculptures at Complex Con, just taking place in Miami. The artist teamed with the convention and BAIT for a wild pair of Mr. DOB figures. Murakami bear meets octopus.
ComplexCon is an expertly curated convention and festival bringing the world of Complex to life. This is our generation’s world fair. The minds behind Complex have come together with a Host Committee led by our Cultural Director/Executive Chair Pharrell Williams, legendary artist Takashi Murakami, Off-White designer and founder Virgil Abloh, Colette co-founder Sarah Andelman, reggaeton superstar J. Balvin, and actor/activist Jaden Smith.
The premium PVC collectible figures have arrived in two different variations ($500 USD vs $750 USD).
They are on sale now at Complex Con and very likely to be sold out, but if you are lucky, some rare sculptures left, will find their way online soon.
Stay tuned, so you get your tentacles on them straight away.
The premium gallery-style PVC figures have arrived in two iterations, one of which is selling for $500 USD, the other for $750. They are on sale now at Complex Con and will likely sell out, but expect any leftovers to find their way online soon.
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All images via instagram