Toss that outworn and archaic boater and venture into the studio space of the milliner Nick Fouquet in Venice beach, California. Introducing his tailor-made handcrafted classic topper that give that head of yours a bit of a continental touch – best matched with boyfriend funky jeans!

Nick-Fouquet hat











The French-born model-turned-hat maker Nick Fouquet has elevated his 100% beaver fur felt hats to refreshing fashion heights with this brand new yellow Palm Beach hat, ornamented with a tastefully delicate floral band. This wide-brimmed sunhat, born in his Santa Monica bungalow, delivers the kind of summertime style that merges a bit of tropical flair and glamorous edge of a fedora. Whether you are strolling along Miami Beach or savouring gourmet food at one of the French restaurants on Las Vegas Boulevard, this hot new number will definitely keep you debonair!

Nick Fouquet Palm Beach Hat












Photos via Nick Fouquet and Moroccan Ladies