These Art World Instagrams Will Make You Laugh Hard.
The art world is often accused of taking itself too serious, of being too difficult to access unless you know a lot about it. But gladly times of social media have enabled an approach to art that speaks to almost all of us: humor. Both art and humor are equally an expression of current Zeitgeist, so a combination of both seems likely to succeed. In order to show you the fun side of art, we have collected a number of LOL accounts that shed a lighter light on what sometimes seems so heavy.

Texts From Your Existentialist
While a combination of existentialists quotes and renowned artworks might not sound like the path to lightness as such, this Instagram account has actually managed exactly that. Just like minus times minus equals plus, the pairing of a rewritten deep Nietzschean cite and a pre-Raphaelite painting can actually turn into the lightest homage to human existence there is.@textsfromyourexistentialist


Young Thug as Paintings
Rapper Young Thug has been one of the rising stars within the world of Hip Hop for many years. But would you also think of him when you hear of Caravaggio, Sandro Botticelli or the virgin Mary? Well, student Hajar Benjida did and instantly saw a mutual iconography between hip hop and art. The result is an extensive portfolio of Young Thug as paintings. It totally makes sense.@youngthugaspaintings

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Andy Kassier
On first glance, Andy Kassier, who has named himself “Mister Success” leads a life of luxury. He poses in expensive clothes, next to expensive things in expensive locations. But as we know all that glitters is not gold. The German artist is a master of photoshop and uses the universal language of the stereotypical rich to claim a critique towards excessive consumption and materialism. Irony has become his tool for art.@andykassier

Great Art in Ugly Rooms
Haven’t we all been there? You enter a house where nothing seems to fit together, there is not style, no linearity, but all of sudden: the most exquisite painting of all, or: A David Ostrowski next to the fire extinguisher; an Andy Warhol above the tumble drier; a Brancusi on the toilet’s cistern. Great art and taste don’t always come as a package. Unfortunately.@greatartinuglyrooms

Museum Babes
It seems like the natural law of attraction: Beautiful things attract beautiful people. Xavier Aaronson must have thought exactly the same when he founded his Instagram account that features beautiful people in front of art. Only in his words, he describes his network “At the intersection of art and style, celebrating the sartorially unsung in the world’s most exquisite museums.” Well, he already had us with just“Museum Babes”. @museumbabes

Jerry Saltz
Art critic Jerry Saltz is probably the most famous one of his kind. But why is that? First of all Jerry Satz knows a lot about art, then he is on point, he is sharp, he is smart AND he is funny. And so is his Instagram account, which displays a versatile combination of art pieces, great captions, memes, quotes, selfies and a picture of him as Bob Ross. Also he dislikes Donald Trump. A lot. @jerrysaltz

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