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It is not a huge surprise, that former actress Leelee Kimmel (born Sobieski) exchanges the red carpet for quiet days in the studio painting. Already as a child, she watched her father, painter Jean Sobieski, working in the family’s NYC living room. Kimmel eventually became a rising Hollywood star after a appearance in Stanley Kubrick’s 1999 thriller 
Eyes Wide Shut – but even at the set, she covered the inside of her trailers in plastic so she could paint. “I always said, ‘I don’t want to act. I paint’. Now aged 34, she paused Hollywood and is ready to let the painter out. “Panting is like it’s a vomit of what’s going on inside of me and in the world.” After having a work includd in Marborough’s group show last summer, she just opened her first solo show with a pretty cool crowd attending at Brooklyn’s Journal gallery.

02Leelee Kimmel_theartgorgeous
“In my paintings there’s a lot about energy and vibrations and the whole world being connected,” Kimmel explained, contrasting that sense of control to the experience of being on a film set. “If you’re on a crew and 150 people are pushing for you to fall in love with somebody else, everybody is rooting for it. That’s the energy of a lot of people, but it’s fake.”

Leelee Kimmel_theartgorgeous
Kimmel is married to fashion designer Adam Kimmel since 2009 and has two kids. Their Tribeca loft was also featured in Vogue and as you can imagine its incredibly stylish – as well as filled with amazing pieces of art:  The couple are passionate art collectors and own works by artists including Raymond PettibonGeorge Condo
 and Theodor Seuss Geisel (better known as Dr. Seuss).

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Images via Vogue, Elisabet Davidsdottir, Interview Mag, Pinterest