Just in case, you’ve never heard the name Yayoi Kusama, you’ve probably seen her work. The 88-year-old Japanese artist with her bright red hair is known for creating infinity rooms that often play with mirror effects, has a (serious) addiction to colourful polka dot environments, and has pumpkin sculptures as her signature pieces, and is a something of a social media darling.


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Literally, hundreds of thousands of people already have queued somewhere to see her work – from The Broad museum in L.A. to National Gallery in Singapore – to take a picture-perfect selfie in one of her mind-blowing installations.

Now she returns to NYC with two concurrent exhibits at David Zwirner`s gallery spaces with “Infinity Nets” and “Festival of Life”. The later one debuts two brand new infinity rooms, one of the actually a room inside a room, that have never been before and promise the perfect memory selfie.
Also on display in Chelsea is the American debut of “With All My Love for the Tulips, I Pray Forever”, a large white-walled room covered in red polka dots, with three tulip sculptures in the centre.

Both shows will run through December 16, and are free of charge. But on the gallery’s website, an anticipated waiting time of two to four hours is announced. So rather don`t squeeze it in for a quick stop on your way back home from work – as that might not work.


Images via David Zwirner, Yayoi Kusama, Pinterest