Sofia Coppola And Form-Fitting Dress
Fashion and Culture Blogger & Marketer, Hong Kong

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What does your ideal working outfit look like?
Classic and tailored silhouettes. I like particularly shift dress with form-fitting cut. If I want to look more professional, I would go for a basic shirt with pencil skirt. And of course, heels.

What’s best: heels or flats? Which brand or style?
ABSOLUTELY heels. Jimmy Choo is my favorite brand. Their pointed-toe stilettos are my go-to choice; those signature strappy heeled sandals also make a great evening outfit. I love shoes in suede fabric, it always make your feet look more sleek. Recently, I love Aquazzura too, their laced-up heels are funky and sexy.

What’s your favorite art-related blog or app?
I love the Art Newspaper app, and for blog, the theWanderlister+ got some really cool coverage of different art and design exhibitions. I also discovered a street art blog named hkstreetart.com. It’s lovely to see people promote Hong Kong’s street art to art lovers around the world.

What was the last thing you bought and loved?
I got a fedora hat at Topshop and loved it! I always had trouble getting a hat that fitted me, now this new hat will be my vacation companion.

What is/are your personal style signifier(s)/identifier(s)?
Simple and elegant silhouettes. I always wear stilettos heels, solid-color dresses that are well cut or skinny jeans. My style rule is, if I wear loose cut on upper body, it should be tailored cut at the bottom – as this creates a better proportions that make me look taller (as I’m not tall).


What’s your necessary extravagance?
I love going to good restaurants and enjoy good food. Sometimes I would pamper myself with some spa too.

Three things/products you always need to have in your purse?
Red lipstick, hair band and lip balm.

What’s your ultimate beauty secret after long working hours?
Yoga. Practicing yoga, especially hot yoga, helps you relax and detoxify negative energy away from your body. After regular practice, I feel my skin and body getting healthier and brighter.

What’s/are your favourite work(s) of art?
I would say street art and public installation. Richard Mirando (“SEEN”)’s graffiti is a classic. I also like Jenny Holzer’s light stream installation displaying thoughs-provoking texts from her works in late 1970s, Truisms.

What in the art world are you most excited about at the moment?
I think it’s the excitement and thoughts that flashed suddenly though your brain from a piece of artwork. Sometimes an artpiece would inspire you into a deeper aspect in life, work and relationship.

Most sexiest art person?
Sofia Coppola.

Where are you off to next?
The beaches at Liguria in Italy.

Where is your next art trip/travel going to be?
Florence and Paris – I’m up for some nice history, food and museums. Looking forward to that!

In your eyes: what is the most arty city?
New York. It has that unique charm that nowhere in the world could mimic. Art is everywhere on the streets, from people’s outfits, architecture, the structured street layout to tons of graffiti on the walls. You can always discover something new every time you go there.

Courtesy of Jinwong.com