Last week, JAY-Z performed on stage at the V Festival in the UK  – and a massive Jeff Koons-designed balloon dog (and hardly anything else) served as his backdrop, creating a huge buzz.

Rumoring on social media, whether this was a “real deal” or a replica, Jeff Koons, master of all things kitsch, has confirmed on his IG feed, “Thrilled to work with Jay-Z to create a 40-foot Balloon Dog for his festival tour.”


Based on what Koons is saying, Jay-Z will be performing with the artistic creation as a backdrop for each of his forthcoming US show dates starting October 27 in California.

It looks like JAY-Z is going all out to make sure his next tour is as epic as his 4:44 album. And doggie will be jet setting all along.


Images: Instagram, Vfestival