Wednesday Martin

This time we’ve got someone gorgeous from the literary world. Cultural Critic Wendy Martin, aka Wednesday Martin, is the peachy yet glorious American author. As the stepmother of two sons, Martin has garnered motherhood’s attention with her matchless parenting, empowering step-motherhood rather than getting plagued. Writing commentaries on popular culture and decoding social behaviors, Martin is the finalist in the parenting category of “Books for a Better Life” award with her publication “Stepmonster: a New Look at Why Real Stepmothers Think, Feel, and Act the Way We Do”, and has appeared as a step-parenting specialist on BBC, Fox, and NBC Weekend Today. Here, let’s look at the philosophy of the Yale P.H.D. who observed also the rise of contemporary art for Upper East Side mothers:

1. “Contemporary Art is what red wine used to be,” says Martin. “It’s a thing that people collect for cultural capital to show not just what they have, but what they know.”

2. In face of new glowing neighborhood, it took her just 5 seconds to realize the women around her look astounding and moneyed every second.

3. Yes women are shopaholics and fashion enthusiasts – she still owns 2 birkins.

4. She found that in a playgroup of around 20 Upper East Side kids, one quarter of the mums works as art consultants.

5. Besides the contemporary art tribe, she observed a food-intolerance-, book club-, exercise and jewellery tribe.

Instagram: @wednesdaymartinphd