Hong Kong-based direct-to-consumer eCommerce brand GRANA, is best known for its modern essentials using the world’s finest fabrics has recently launched a new project commissioning Asian artists to personalise it’s wrapping paper used when packing boxes for new orders. The Wrapping Paper Series aims to promote up-and-coming artists and illustrators by creating unique patterns inspired by the origin and culture of where GRANA’s high-quality fabrics were discovered. Illustrating how the brand turned these fine fabrics into affordable luxury basics from Mongolian Cashmere, Chinese Silk, Peruvian Pima Cotton to Taiwanese Tech.

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Hong Kong artist Kaliz Lee, who already has collaborated with various brands, ranging from Harvey Nichols to Cathay Pacific, debuts the series highlighting the cultivation of Peru’s finest pima cotton by imagining a Peruvian fantasy land titled “The Carnival”. Next on the agenda, a yet to be unveiled artist will focus on the roots of glossy Chinese silk. Keep your eyes peeled!

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