Dreaming of a yummy bagel, blueberry pancakes or some Belgium waffles all day long? Then you also might be craving for the Bread Bag collection of NY based Chloe Wise.

Not only is there even a limited edition of lox and cream cheese, but each of the pieces is adorned with the designer label hardware – for a true fashionista touch. The bags are not just fun to look at, but actually real art pieces and are aimed to not carry a croissant over you shoulder but are supposed to make you dig a little deeper and inspire some reflection.

Inspired by pop culture and consumer goods, issues of femininity, luxury, desire and internet culture are being addressed – we get a little Sylvie Fleury Déjà-vu.


Belgian Moschino Waffles, 2015


Bagel and Locks, 2015


Bagel No.5, 2014


Ain’t No Challah Back(pack) Girl, 2014


Louis Vuitton Baguette, 2013

Also they remind you to not forget to have a proper lunch: So Go Girl, grab some food and don’t spend all your lunch break checking your instagram or drinking a cold pressed juice…


Images source: ChloeWise.com