Renowned Danish actor Pilou Asbæk, best known for his role as Euron Greyjoy in the TV Series Game of Thrones and as troubled spin doctor Kasper Juul in the Danish political drama Borgen has received the honorable title of Cultural Ambassador for Mallorca in the stunning surroundings of the art centre CCA Andratx.

© La Siesta Press / J. Fernández Ortega
Pilou’s connections to Mallorca go back to the last years of the 80’s, when his parents, now 40-years long gallerists, acquired a property in the surroundings of Andratx and visited the island during their holidays. A lifelong love affair indeed, he keeps returning.
“What I love the most is continuously rediscovering everything Mallorca has to offer. That is, through new and fresh eyes. Having returned again and again through the last three decades, you might say that I have been intermittently accustomed to the beauty of the island. However, when I bring people here who are first-time visitors and they are spellbound by the light, the cathedral and the mountains, I get awestruck again. Mallorca is truly a magical place. It is rather much like being newly in love. Again and again”. (Pilou Asbæk during the press conference).
Pilou Asæk is stepping into the footsteps of such greats as former cultural ambassadors Michael Douglas and Rafael Nadal. This collaboration with Pilou Asbæk is indeed in alignment with the government’s new strategy to repair the effects of mass tourism. The government wishes to change the island’s image as a venue for partying and all-inclusive sort of vacations in favour of more exclusive encounters with culture and nature…
Probably female groupies will soon be all over.

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