The Gallery Weekend Berlin, a global art world’s favourite, is just about to start with some noteworthy events in town. There are nearly limitless openings, events and parties spanning between Mitte, Kreuzberg and Charlottenburg and depending on your company, personal taste and condition, just see what you can take or when it’s time to finish the art stroll at a nice bar in town (or in your hotel room).

Copyright: Bikini Berlin Bikini Berlin blaue Stunde mit Blick auf die Gedächtniskirche / Bikini Berlin blue hour with view of the Kaiser Wilhem Memorial church

Bikini Berlin

Well – too bad – but actually one annual highlight – Yulia Belousova’s Ephemeral Dinner – just took place last night. An intimate and amazing privately held event, that gathers an exclusive group of 20 in an arty private home to enjoy food, art and great company while the secret menu is prepared by artists that cook. In this case: Minor Alexander & Gregor Hildebrandt. Don`t be sad and sign up to bee in the loop for the next one.


This Ephemeral Dinner’s Edition’s Collaborating Artists

Besucher auf der / visitors at PAPER POSITIONS 2016

Visitors at PAPER POSITIONS 2016

Another one yet to happen is PAPER POSITIONS at Bikini Berlin, a kind of capsule and independent new art fair.

Following the great success of our last year’s show, from April 28 – 30, 30 galleries from Germany, USA, Austria, Romania and the Netherlands present their most significant artistic positions of contemporary and modern art with focus on paper works: drawings, collages, paper cuttings, photography, art books and objects and you should make sure to stop by.

Courtesy: Holthoff-Mokross Galerie; Inka Büttner Frühling | Spring, 2007

Courtesy: Holthoff-Mokross Galerie; Inka Büttner Frühling | Spring, 2007

The show takes place on the first floor of Bikini Berlin. The Bikini Berlin – directly located at the Berlin Zoo – is one of the few still preserved contemporary eyewitnesses to the eventful history of post-war Berlin. From 1977 to 1993 it was also the location of the Staatliche Kunsthalle Berlin.

Courtesy of dr. julius | ap Hartmut Böhm,o.T. | untitled [Millimeterpapierblock],1993

Courtesy: Hartmut Böhm, untitled [Millimeterpapierblock],1993

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 20.30.01

Courtesy: Klemm’s, Viktoria Binschtok, Chanel Cluster, 2016

If you are a digital babe and photography is what your heart is beating for, then Viktoria Binschtok’s solo project at Klemm’s might just be up your alley. In her “Cluster” series, she looks up her own work via Google & Co. and rearranges the findings into ; she then re-stages, manipulates and ultimately appropriates the related images generated by Google & co., combining them into assemblages you will fall in love with.


Whatever you will be recommended, to be frankly there will always be something that you will miss at the same time and you will only be the next day learn that last night`s party at this super remote place was the best event of the whole weekend. Stay calm and continue to explore: There is always be a party, show or dinner better than yours.

Photos via: Hartmut Böhm; Inka Büttner; Bikini Berlin