For upcoming spring 2018, Alice + Olivia’s designer Stacey Bendet created not only a collection, but an entire setting made for women – by women. Inspired by New York’s iconic Chelsea Hotel, where her first-ever photo-shoot took place, Bendet invited eight female artists to re-think a modern version of the iconic hotel – from a girls perspective. And it was not her first merge of art and fashion but she did work with the Basquiat estate before.
“I really wanted to collaborate with all different female artists and make this a moment where I could showcase their work too,” Bendet told media, “I had each of them design a different room that I then tied the clothing in the collection back to. It was pure passion—these are all artists that I love and I’ve known from different walks of life.”
Among the artists selected were Lola Schnabel, Francesca DiMattio, Angelica Hicks and Lucy Sparrow.
Bendet’s own feminist artwork was featured in black and white hallways “For this season, one of my trends was this high-low of girls feeling really romantic, feminine, and free-spirited but also tough”.

photos via Courtesy of Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images via Fashionista