01Kt Ferris_theartgorgeous
The names of the artist turned jewellery are quite intriguing: wonder watcher, master protecter, life or literally insane. Hand crafted in New York City, Kt Ferris largely sized blinkers are made for protection, but caution, not only you have thrown an eye at her magical creations. Kt studied the art of jewelry making in Manhattan and after completing her 720 hours of jewelry education she knew she wanted to not only make beautiful art work that was wearable, but also create meaningful work that acted as a shield from evil, or bad energy.
02Kt Ferris_theartgorgeous
Always curious, Kt’s inspiration comes from the unknown in the deepest parts of nature. Kt Incorporates blinking doll eyes as a shield of protection encased in bursts of life using crystals, spikes, precious stones and various metals. Watch out closely.
Kt Ferris_theartgorgeous

Girls just wanna have fun πŸ’ photo by my witch @jordantiberio oh and #THISSHITBLINKS

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