It’s been more than 60 years since her death, still, Frida Kahlo’s influence reigns. Paris-based fashion brand Lowellita, noted for its playfulness and friskiness in modernizing traditional fabric, surprises fans of the Mexican painter with their new Frida jackets: one of a kind that are bundled with panache and flair. Strutting that bold yet spirited attitude of Frida we all admire, the outerwear proves its chic and enduring qualities by playing around with geometry with its black and white inca.

Frida Jacket 4

With Frida Kahlo’s distinctive expression and her high braided hair with scarves and fabric embroidered on the back, everything from the classic multifaceted style of Frida to her exuberant choice of clothes and accessories is represented with unexpected detailing.

Frida Jacket Grid

Long may her many-hued dressing flamboyant style perpetuate, as it is time to refresh your winter wardrobe with these jackets!

Photos via Lowellita