Ashleigh, 13, in ihrem Zuhause mit einer Freundin und ihren Eltern am Tag ihrer Bat Mizvah, Santa Monica, 1993. Ihre Mutter sagt: âAshleigh war der Star des Tages. Sie war wie eine aufblühende Rosenknospe, die voll zur Geltung kommt. Und alles lief genau so, wie sie es haben wollte.â Ashleigh, 13, at home with her friend and parents on her bat mitzvah day, Santa Monica, 1993. Her mother says, âAshleigh was the star of the day. She was kind of like a budding rose coming into her own and having it all her way.â

Lauren Greenfield has stepped inside the wealthiest mansions and met the richest people, but what’s it like? Her photo series Generation Wealth goes on view at the Nobel Peace Center in Oslo opening February 13. Her retrospective shows over 200 photos from Los Angeles to Moscow (the show is also on view at the International Centre of Photography in New York). “Beginning in Los Angeles in the 1990s, I examined the ‘influence of affluence’ as media and globalization exported our notions of success around the world,” said Greenfield. “The title of the project and some of the pictures could mislead the reader to think that this is a work about the one percent, about people who are wealthy. It is not. This work is about the aspiration for wealth and how that has become a driving force—and at the same time an increasingly unrealistic goal—for individuals from all classes of society.”



Text by Nadja Sayej
Photos via Lauren Greenfield