DIY attitude holds sway! From artistic embroidered rose, graceful butterfly patches, to batches available at @tobyilikecats, jump-start your own attempt to design your personalized jackets like what Beyoncé did with her custom Gucci ensembles.

DIY copy

If you favour rainbow-bright charms and patches, look no further to the instgram of theBuried Diamond designer Martha Porter with her signature single-eyed pin that is hilariously comical. For punky hues, follow Few And Far and enlighten your clothing vogue with their ‘Don’t Look Back’ prints hand-crafted in Australia, expertly color.


Wish to embellish your DIY piece with catchphrases? Works of Adam J. Kurtz are sure to satisfy your palette. From  “Young, dumb and full of existential dread” to “At least you’re cool on the internet”, his patches mock your own meekness while you have them emblazoned on your pocket! Last but not least, we’re not trying to be feminists but pink really elevates your fad to an enchanting level. Grab one pinky rose at RoseHound for either your hat or pants or what-so-ever!

No matter you are sewing one to your sleeves or putting one on your jacket, create your own style with this trouble-free way!

Photos via Fashionista