When London’s biggest art star touches technology everyone listens. Damien Hirst—who debuts a new series of paintings at Gagosian Beverly Hills next month—recently took over the reins of his own Instagram account. How do we know? It went from portfolio pieces to studio banter. On one photo, Hirst, riffs on his latest “Veil” series by referring to paintings by Bonnard: “I went to see a show at the Pompidou in Paris of de Kooning and Bonnard when I was a student and both artists blew me away.”

In another, he compares his painting to a Joy Division Album cover by Peter Saville, writing: “If you look close, the paint is like mountains and valleys on an insane coloured planet.” As Hirst captions one of his posts, it sums everything up in the art world right now: “How can you not love colour? Sunlight on flowers, fuck everything else.”

Text by Nadja Sayej
Photos via instagram