It’s all about Milan’s Salon del Mobile this week; Studio Swine has just released its Milan design week installation for COS– a tree-like structure that releases milky, flawless bubbles, which turn into white mist as they burst.

The London-based duo – Japanese Azusa Murakami and British Alexander Groves – wanted their installation to be reminding of cherry blossom trees flowering all over Japan just now.


Called New Spring, the almost 6-meter high sculpture consists of minimal tubes that look like the branches of a tree; white bubbles emerge at their ends and dissolve when being in skin contact.

Inspiration came also from classical Murano chandeliers that once have been so popular in Italian palazzos – translated by the duo in a very contemporary and sleek version.


COS creative director Karin Gustafsson said that their “many common values – a focus on timelessness over trend, functionality with beauty, and the exploration of materials – means that working together is a very natural fit”.



Images via Dezeen