OLGA is a handmade candle brand based in Japan. It’s popular for its bewitching concept and characters. Originally inspired by the actress playing Cleopatra in the 1930s movie ‘Freaks’, who had the body of a goose with the head of a human, the initial idea was to continue the story, producing a variety of weird and wacky props purportedly produced by this mysterious Cleopatra.
For a brand new collaboration, Olga teamed up with Hamburg based illustrator & artist, Stefan Marx, who is heavily involved in the skateboarding scene.
Based on the sketches of this power duo, these incredibly witty and cute candles just have been launched and are in a very limited edition so that you better make sure to order Pete the frog, Paul the carrot-shaped palm tree or Elli and Russo, a cuddly apple & pear couple, immediately to serve your next candlelight together with this amusing companions.

photos via Instagram