Bye June and hello July, it’s summertime again! While we are intoxicated with the sun and getting drunk with the sea breeze, let’s blow a goodbye-and-thank-you kiss to our favourite art and brand collaboration in the Spring/Summer season.


Photos: Coach via nymag.com


Believe it or not, these little monsters have names (from left to right): Buster Le Fauve, Buddy Boy and Emmanuel Hare Ray, Photos: Coach via femalemag.com.sg

You might wonder why these little baby monsters are being executed, drenched in molten paint or clawing ferociously at the air – but who cares? Whimsical and quirky by nature, Baseman’s little hellish creatures surprisingly get along with the luxury brand which tended to play safe in their design and direction in the past.

All hail Coach and the new fashion king Gary Baseman! Baseman is no stranger to enriching his resume with big names, but working with a fashion mammoth like Coach? This definitely opens up a new chapter in his career. Thanks for the sweet memories and leaving my wallet desolate!!

Photos: Divulgação via Vogue Brasil

Coach Spring 2015 Collection is now available online.