03Alec Monopoly_Theartgorgeous
No more Uber, no more taxi – we have our new favorite mode of transportation and it takes us straight to our office. Best of all, It’s pink and has some serious street cred going for it.
Tram 107 is the newest addition on Hong Kong’s streets and was spray-painted in front of a live audience by the always-bandana-covered street artist Alec Monopoly on September 12th. The event commemorated the artist’s collaboration with the Swiss watch brand TAGHeuer for which he has made a handful of limited edition, paint spattered timepieces and travel bags.
04Alec Monopoly_Theartgorgeous
TAGHeuer, a visionary and avant-garde brand appointed Alec Monopoly as brand ambassador in 2016 where he joined the ranks of Chris Hemsworth, David Guetta and Bella Hadid. What do these actors, DJs, models and street artists have in common with each other and TAGHeuer? They #DontCrackUnderPressure!
02Alec Monopoly_Theartgorgeous
During the spectacular private event this week, the brand’s self proclaimed Art Provocatuer and enfant-terrible gave the tram a much needed facelift, covering it with images of his iconic characters Mr. Monopoly and Richie Rich. He then joined the VIP guests on the tram’s first ride along Hong Kong’s harbor-front toward the TAGHeuer boutique where they continued the party surrounded by Alec Monopoly’s canvas paintings.
01Alec Monopoly_Theartgorgeous
The tram will be running regularly along the waterfront until September 25th and will definitely add some urban art vibe to Hong Kong’s skyline.
Alec Monopoly_Theartgorgeous

photos via TAGHeur