This Artists Success Is Rooted in an Addiction for Black
Artist, London, UK

Nicole Coson is a London-based Filipino visual artist who works in a variety of mediums, but with a primary focus on analogue printmaking methods – and she is obsessed with dark colours.
Born and raised in Manila, Philippines, Coson moved to the United Kingdom when she was eighteen years old and graduated with a BA in Fine Art from Central Saint Martins, which can never harm.
Primarily known for her black and white portraits, Coson’s work is rooted in Eastern Mythology and revolves around the analogy of the ghost (boo!) – for the artist a rather abstract and vague element invading our physical world.
From ghosts on the canvas to her wardrobe secrets: For those who have met the her in person, you might have noticed that also Coson herself is in black most of the time.
“I found out about six years ago that I have a slight case of color blindness, so mixing and matching color isn’t one of my strong suits,” she explained in an interview. “So my art is usually black and white, and I’m usually in black. There’s no confusion there.”
This woman knows how to keep the ingredients for success simple and is just getting started.
In the art world currently I find most exciting that…

I’m finding Manila to be pretty exciting these days. The Alley in Karrivin recently opened, and it offers a rare opportunity for galleries and art spaces to come together in one place. It’s home to galleries like Drawing Room and Aphro as well as non-profit institution, Bellas Artes, with a open access library. It’s a good place to catch a show, sit outside, put up a show and meet a friend.

Number of unanswered mails in your account today…
700 (I’m working on it.)

My perfect working outfit…
“The Painter” jumpsuit by @araw.theline. breathable and easy to wash.

My favourite new brand discovery…

Every collection by @carljancruz is amazing.

My everyday online art read is…
Mousse Magazine and Contemporary Art Daily.

Your necessary extravagance is
My most recent big spend was on one of London’s largest etching presses which I will donate to an institution in Manila, Philippines.

Most ridiculous thing I’ve ever bought…

One of London’s largest etching presses with the idea to ship it 7000 miles away to Manila Philippines.

My ultimate secret after long working hours…

Boxing session to drain me of the rest of the built up adrenaline accumulated during hours and hours of focus.

Favourite collaboration of the art- and fashion world…
Cindy Sherman and Commes des Garcons’ campaign in 1993. It was mesmerising and terrifying.

My favourite hashtag…


On my office table I always have…

UCC disposable drip coffee sachets and my dog @frankieminiaussie sleeping underneath me.

The most arty city is…

Describe yourself with three emojis…

Art world gent I would love to have lunch with…

Werner Herzog.

Artist(s) we should have on our watch list is/are…
My dear boyfriend, Danish artist, Kristian Kragelund.

Instagram: nicolecoson
Photos by Nicole Coson