Most Disney princesses have sleek hair that doesn’t move out of place — whether they sleep for 100 years, travel on a flying carpet or fight a dragon. But artist Angela Mary Vaz likes us to guess what it would look like if the princesses had curly hair – like she does. 


Her first success was a comic about Rapunzel having curly hair on her Instagram account and became a big hit as people loved the sarcasm and honestly – and could relate to it.

Vaz said that these comics are based on her own experiences of growing up in the `80s and curly hair wasn’t something you would see often in advertisement or media.

So she came up with her IG feed focusing on various hair type advantages and problems alike – and 175k followers prove that her drawings nail the challenges of curly and straight hair types alike. 

Vaz hopes that her illustrations will encourage more women to embrace their curly hair and not to regard it as their enemy but wear it with pride. Do you?

Images via Instagram