Nowness And Perfect Flats
Interior Designer & Book Editor, Berlin

Angelika Taschen am Strausberger PLatz

What does your ideal working outfit look like?
Jeans and T-Shirt or Cashmere sweater depending on the season. But this sounds easier than it is, there are so many subtle details which make a jeans or T-shirt perfect. And the carefully chosen accessories as shoes or jewellery make the look special.

What’s best: heels or flats? Which brand or style?
After decades of wearing heels I am now in the search of some good looking flats and found various brands as neon color patent leather Jimmy Choos, leather ballerinas by Lanvin, pointed flats by Chloé among many others. Wearing sneakers are not (yet?) my cup of tea. I believe that heels will completely dissappear in the next years. For example the crinoline was on Vogue just a short period of time and never seen again.


What’s your favorite art-related blog or app?
I use only apps for auction houses but mainly focusing on design. Same for blogs, most of the blogs I follow are not strictly art related. In general I love to follow Nowness as a great platform of inspiration and beauty. Their choice of people and subjects and the quality of their production are amazing.

What was the last thing you bought and loved?
A ring by Otto Jakob, my favorite jewellery designer.


What’s your necessary extravagance?
Shoes which make a difference, especially when they are golden or glitter (looks great to jeans, black and all other colors). Also there is always a new statement coat per season in my wardrobe.

Three things/products you always need to have in your purse?
My iPhone, my credit cards, my notebook and my favourite lip gloss the Chubby Stick by Clinique.

What’s your ultimate beauty secret after long working hours?
A lot of yoga, from time to time a matcha latte and a good night of sleep!

What’s/are your favourite work(s) of art?
There are too many favorites from Renaissance to contemporary! And what are my favorites for some time might change. I get very emotional when it comes to art. It is like food for me. When I was a child I loved Klimt and van Gogh. Now I always get excited when I discover new strong voices or see a very coherent show from a contemporary young artist where you can see that the artist put all his soul, mastery and energy in it.

Most sexiest art person?
There are so many good looking art people around the world!!! My theory is that if you live surrounded by beauty that beauty will reflect in your personality. Could not decide who is the sexiest…

Where are you off to next?
In August I will travel to Hydra and Stromboli visiting friends.

Where is your next art trip/travel going to be?
There are also art exhibitions as at the Hydra workshop Exhibition Art space by Pauline Karpidas and on Stromboli the art summer called the Volcano Extravaganza by Fiorucci Art Trust.
And I have not been at the Venice Biennale this summer and for the first time I want to go in October also to see Venice in a different light.

In your eyes: what is the most arty city?
New York!

Photos: by Sandra Semburg, aloveisblind.com