A Party for Picasso’s Muses – And Other Creative Ways to Present 20th Century Masterpieces

Former auction house veteran, Alexander Platon serves as Senior Director – Head of the Secondary Art Market Department and Special Projects of Marlborough Fine Art London.

Previously the Head of Private Sales at Sotheby’s for the Impressionist and Modern Art Department in Europe, Platon began his auction house career in the late 90`s at Sotheby’s – soon dealing with the auction house’s top international clients.

He is also a man for major milestones and in 2006, while at Sotheby’s, kicked off Beyond Limits, an annual sales show of monumental sculptures at the historical Chatsworth House, where Gucci last winter just hosted a very ambitious exhibition examining the history of fashion in English aristocracy.

Alexander Platon, photographed in the offices of Marlborough Fine Art Gallery, London

My signature outfit is…
Plain. No patterns but always good fabrics/materials. White shirt with a usually dark suit…

The best style advice I was ever given… Keep it simple.

I would never wear… anything on the basis that it is fashionable if I don’t feel comfortable in it.

Number of unanswered mails in your account today… 0. I am totally obsessed with having a clean inbox.

My favourite travel device is… My phone. Not sure it is my favourite, but it is essential.

On a plane I normally spend my time… Thinking. It is valuable time when I can really take a step back and reflect.

Top 3 songs on my headphone…keeps changing. What’s there today, will not be there tomorrow. I get tired of listening to the same music.

In the gym I… sweat and count down until the workout is over!

What’s on for dinner… If I don’t have a work or social dinner, a salad will be enough.

My necessary extravagance is… luxury hotel rooms. Travel in style or else stay at home…

If I could host a party for anyone it would be Picasso’s muses- it would be interesting to have them all in a room waiting for the maestro.

In the art world currently I find most exciting that… the market keeps growing, reaching all corners of the world, from Europe to Asia, US, South America, Africa, etc.

My daily art read is… our media/marketing associate, sends me a summary of all art-related matters daily

In my bedroom I have an artwork by… Song Yige. I find her work intriguing, atmospheric, satisfying to live with, look at and lose myself in it.

The most arty city is… London definitely. For art, music, theatre, fashion, it is the city of unlimited events and happenings.

My favourite art-world ladies are… Yves Klein’s models, dressed in nothing but blue paint.


Instagram: alexplatonplaton

Images from Alexander Platon