What the Art Girls Love and Wear!


The art world is also about people – about what people follow, love and consume. It goes much beyond which art they have on their walls.
As a media company and community powerhouse, we develop innovative concepts and strategies and create captivating content, closely working with our unparalleled network of global art world influencers and institutions.
To make some of this ideas and content visible, we founded two unique editorials:
TheArtGorgeous.com and TheArtGent.com
Since its launch in Summer 2015, we have conducted over 100 interviews with art world trendsetters from Mexico City to Shanghai including Petra Cortright, Michael XuFu Huang, Zoe Buckman, Cao Fei and Michaela dePury.
Inaugurating in Fall 2016 in Hong Kong, the “ART x LUX CONFERENCE” -The Business of Creative Collaborations, is the brainchild of TheArtGorgeous.
The Conference examines the continuous engagement of the luxury- and fashion industry in the field of contemporary art. Vice versa it explores how contemporary art can help to create meaningful and innovative platforms and formats for brands.

Photo: by Bryant Lee