A little 101 that might get you started if Tinder spots you a creative mind.


1. He is sure to bring creativity into your life.
You need a clever gift for your boss, or need to finish a client’s pitch? Creativity is in their genes and he might even think of his next collage when your are simply flipping through Wallpaper or New York Times on the weekend.


2. He might call colors by their proper names.
Get over it, this is not blue, pink or grey – but Chamoisee, Gamboge or Amaranth.


3. He might need some more time on his own than others.
Like the mad scientist whose brain is constantly brewing new ideas, this guy sometimes might need some extra space. Don’t worry, that’s fine and he will be right back.


4. Sketchbook = his second girlfriend.
Do not open, touch or mess with it.


5. He might be quite imaginative behind closed doors, too.
Nope, no need to explain further, right?!


6. His hands might remind you of the claws of a mole.
Well, his hands are made for creating things, not to look pretty. So he might show up to dinner with some sort of dirt under his fingernails and doesn’t want to be blamed. That’s art, babe.


7. “Nice” or “Normal” are the worst things you could call him.
He was born (or at least decided) to be different, so “normal” would mean that he totally missed the goal. Better call him a freak or be somewhat creative.


photos via media.giphy.com, gifimage.net