Paris Fashion Week is just over and after a mini break, during Fiac and its satellite fairs, the capital will be home for a few days to global art enthusiasts – or enthusiasts to be. We bet, that Paris undoubtly has the power to transfer a hardcore fashionista into an art lover.
And this is how:

01Art Lover_theartgorgeous
Fiac art fair in Paris is a great place to get started. Apart from strolling around the fair, there are amazing museums and foundations, such as Fondation Cartier, Louvre, Centre Pompidou or Fondation Louis Vuitton that showcase great art and have a glam factor, too.

02Art Lover_theartgorgeous
The Mona Lisa at Louvre is not only one of the most well-known pieces of art ever, but is truly magic. Maybe her smile manages to click your “passion-for-art” button straight away.

03Art Lover_theartgorgeous

3. Staying in one of the mind-blowing hotels – from uber-hip Hotel Costes or the recently opened Parister via old school glamour at Le Bristol to the majestic Les Bains or Le Meurice certainly gives you a to-dream of place to rest your head and to digest all the the art input.

04Art Lover_theartgorgeous
Lot’s of designers, actors – generally a huge creative crowd will be there to mingle and have some “art and more” chats once you need a break from Condo and Co.

05Art Lover_theartgorgeous
5. Wandering around in Colette, that unfortunately will close its doors for good by the end of this year, will give you a soft introduction into the crossovers of art, design and of course – fashion. You can say, it is the godmother of art x fashion collaborations and quite a unique experience. Luckily there are other great options to do some arty shopping in the capital: Merci, The Broken Arm or Centre Commercial to just name a few.

06Art Lover_theartgorgeous
6. Watch the last episode of Sex and the City, where carries travels with her Russian painter to Paris to be on his side for his major retrospective but in the end is terribly disappointed by their relationship and gets rescued by …? Of course, Mr. Big….

Photo via archute.com, aliexpress.com, coolhunting.com, openpr.de, static.highsnobiety.com, i.pinimg.com, pixel.nymag.com